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Pygmy Hedgehogs for sale in Lincoln

1 Pygmy Hedgehogs for sale in Lincoln

Pygmy Hedgehog rodents for sale in Bracebridge Heath, Lincoln - Advert 1
4 days
I currently have 1 full pedigree baby girl left from my current litter. she is Cinnamon in colour and ready to go around 7th December. I have been keeping hogs for 10 years and she is from registered parents that have great lineage. She will be registered in her own right in the name of your choice. Mum is a cinnamon with great Lineage. She's very laid back with an amazing sweet nature. she loves to play then have a cuddle when she’s worn herself out playing. Dad is a stunning chocolate from black European lines, also with great lineage. He is silly tame and really enjoys a good run on his wheel. This little girl is handled daily in our family home so is used to household noises, kids, dogs etc and she eats very well on his cat biscuit mix, cooked chicken, cooked mince beef, scrambled egg, sweetcorn, insects. She is a very shy girl at the moment. She is happy to run around playing and is very inquisitive, but she is shy when being handled and as such, she will need either an experienced owner, or someone that is good with animals and has plenty of time and patience to bring her out of her shell. We want our babies to have the best possible start with you so each hoglet will come with the following to help you get started. Bonding pouch or fleece blanket 2 weeks of dry food Pouch of wet food Toothbrush Aveeno Bath wash Toys Treats Oatmeal soak Flaxseed oil Comprehensive 20 page Care Sheet Pleas
4 days
Pygmy Hedgehog
Age: 6 weeks


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