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Jonathan M.
Birmingham, West Midlands
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Jul 2017
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Breeder / Frequent Advertiser

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18 hours ago

Current Pet Adverts
'Jonathan M.' currently has the following 6 pet listings.
Pekin bantams for sale, just about to lay 2

Pekin Bantams For Sale, Just About To Lay

Birmingham, West Midlands
We have stunning pekin bantams both mottled and millefluer. Gorgeous girls. Very tame and easily handled. All vaccinated and wormed. Just started to lay
  14 days ago
Point of lay hybrid Rhode Rocks for sale 2

Point Of Lay Hybrid Rhode Rocks For Sale

Birmingham, West Midlands
These hens are hybrids breed for their resilience and egg laying ability. They have just started to lay a medium sized brown tinted egg. Medium sized hen, easy to keep. Not too flightly and can be handled easily. All up to to date with vaccinations and worming. Used to free ranging. Happy
  1 month ago
Stunning Bluebelles for sale, just started to lay 2

Stunning Bluebelles For Sale, Just Started To Lay

Birmingham, West Midlands
These hens are a beautiful bluey, grey colour. Quite unusual colouring. Friendly hens and easy to handle, Nice and hardy and easy to keep. Started to lay now and excellent layers. Generally lay 5 days a week. Vaccinated and now wormed. View before you buy. Free ranged, meduim sized birds
  1 month ago
Excellent layers warrens for sale, 300 eggs a year 2

Excellent Layers Warrens For Sale, 300 Eggs A Year

Birmingham, West Midlands
These hens have just started to lay- they tend to lay 6 days a week and throughout the year. Very hardy and easy to handle. Easy to keep. Quality birds from excellent stock. View before you buy.
  1 month ago
Stunning rare breed Campines for sale point of lay 2

Stunning Rare Breed Campines For Sale Point Of Lay

Birmingham, West Midlands
These stunning campines are hard to get hold of and considered a rare breed. They have beautiful markings and are from show quality stock. They lay medium sized white eggs, around 160 a year. Wormed and vaccinated.
  1 month ago
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