Emma D.
Orpington, Kent
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Jul 2018
Selling Crested Gecko’s (Messaging instead of ringing please!)

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27 days ago

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Mice for sale ! 11

Orpington, Kent
I have for sale some amazing baby mice of all different sizes and ages. Most of them ate weaned and eating and growing very well. There dad holds the large dumbo ears and also carry’s the bald gene. Which some of the babies also are showing as they have very reduced hair, and more fuzzy
  27 days ago
Crested gecko for sale 3

Orpington, Kent
I have for sale a stunning looking crested gecko that looks to be female at present but bumps and pores sometimes come through late so selling as indexed at the moment. The crested gecko is a very pretty looking gecko that goes from a creamy/brown/orange/ yellow colour to an amazing mix.
  1 month ago
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