3 Dog Breeds Often Confused with Similar Looking Breeds

3 Dog Breeds Often Confused with Similar Looking Breeds

There are a few dog breeds around which do look quite similar and this can make a bit confusing when trying to recognise the breed. There's the Greyhound and the Italian Greyhound which when you first see one or another could be easily mixed up. However, each of the breed is just that little bit different with the Italian Greyhound being quite a bit smaller. If you've ever wondered what the difference is between certain similar looking breeds, then read on.

The Difference Between a Greyhound & An Italian Greyhound

The Greyhound: Fastest Dog on the Planet

The greyhound is known to be the fastest dog on the planet, tall and lean this magnificent canine boasts brilliant vision and is therefore known as a sight hound. Although very popular as a racing dog, Greyhounds are also considered as personable companions that boast sweet, kind and loving natures which makes them a great choice as a family pet.

Greyhounds come in a variety of colours which includes fawn, black, white and even brindle to name but a few. When it comes to size, the Greyhound can range in size from anything from 60 to 70 lbs.

The Italian Greyhound: Elegant, Slender and Small

When it comes to the Italian Greyhound, the breed boasts being an elegant and extremely slender dog that only stands at around 1 foot tall. However, the breed has all the grace and the pleasant character of its taller Greyhound counterpart. Some people believe the Italian Greyhound was originally bred to hunt small game whereas other people think they were bred simply to be a companion dog. If the truth be known, both reasons are more than likely true because these delicate and sensitive dogs are very adaptable being both happy and content when living in a town or in a more rural area of the countryside.

Italian Greyhounds are great characters to have around because they are extremely playful by nature. They are also very intelligent creatures which means they are easy to train. They adore being with the people they love which means they love to have lots of care and attention. The one thing about the breed is they are very gentle when they are around children.

The breed boasts a short, satin coat which is easy to maintain, which is just one of the reasons they are so popular with people who live in apartments! This together with the fact they are small only measuring anything between 13 to 15 inches tall at the should and generally weighing in at a tiny 8 lbs up to 18 lbs means they make the perfect companion dog.

The Difference Between a Pekingese & the Japanese Chin

The Pekingese: An Ancient & Robust Companion

Pekingese have been popular pets for decades. They are lovely, smart looking, well proportioned little canines with lovely characters. However, they are sturdy pooches with their lion-like features that give them a courageous and bold look. A Pekingese could not be thought of as a dainty or delicate little dog but rather a proud character that boasts tons of self-esteem.

Pekingese come in a variety of colours and date back to the 8th Century Tang dynasty where they were thought of as sacred dogs that could only be owned by Chinese Royals. If a person ever stole a Pekingese, they would be condemned to death.

These lovely, proud little dogs make wonderful companions and pride themselves in being very good watchdogs too even though they only weigh in at around 14 lbs, they can still be pretty intimidating!

The Japanese Chin: An Imperial Ancestry

The Japanese Chin in ancient times was popular in both Japan and China and boasts a colourful royal history much like the Pekingese. These lovely little dogs were bred for ladies of the Imperial Palace to carry around so they could keep their hands and laps warm!

The Japanese Chin has a long and fascinating history with illustrations of the breed found on ancient pieces of pottery as well as embroideries. It is thought the Chin could not be purchased and that only nobility could own one, although some people believe these little dogs were often offered as gifts to visiting dignitaries and diplomats.

These little dogs are very smart, alert and extremely playful which is why they have become such popular companion dogs the world over. They are compact little canines that stand anything from 8 to 11 inches tall and generally weigh in at a tiny 4 lbs or a sturdier 15 lbs.

The Difference Between the Greyhound & the Whippet

The Greyhound: Fast, Fleet of Foot & a Great Companion

As mentioned above, the Greyhound is a fast and sure footed canine that also boasts incredible eye sight which is why over the ages, the breed has been considered as one of the best hunting and racing dogs on the planet. However, today many greyhounds are kept as family pets because they have such kind and sweet natures.

The breed is a lot larger than a whippet which means the Greyhound could be seen as its taller relative!

The Whippet: A Delicate, Small but Extremely Fast Canine

The Whippet really is a smaller version of the Greyhound which is why many people confuse the two breeds. Whippets are very elegant and delicate looking dogs and like their larger relatives they are tremendous sight hounds which makes them supreme hunting dogs.

However, Whippets although they love to race around they are just as happy to lounge about quietly in a sitting room which makes the breed such a perfect companion dog. These smaller dogs are very dignified canines and adore being pampered by their owners. The breed can stand anything from 18 to 22 inches high and usually weigh in at anything from 20 to 40 lbs.


There are some lovely dog breeds on the planet, some of which are very distinctive looking and unique. However, there are a few breeds that look very similar which is why it can be a little confusing at times to know whether you're looking at a Pekingese or a Japanese Chin. It can be hard to know whether the elegant dog you passed in the park was a Greyhound or a Whippet, but the one thing they all have in common is they make wonderful pets and companions!



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