Ten articles you need to read if you’re thinking of buying a French bulldog

Ten articles you need to read if you’re thinking of buying a French bulldog

The French bulldog is the UK’s most popular dog breed by quite some margin – a position they’ve moved into very quickly when you consider that the breed was relatively uncommon in the UK overall until about a decade ago.

They’re also one of the breeds most widely showcased on social media and in the media as a whole, as well as being a common sight in dog parks, and most dog lovers know the breed on sight and even know a few Frenchies in their local neighbourhood.

Every year, tens of thousands of French bulldog puppies are bred to keep up with demand for dogs of this type, but as well as being popular for a great many good reasons, the French bulldog is also a complex breed in terms of its health and sometimes, care requirements too.

As there are always plenty of French bulldog puppies for sale, people seeking to buy one rarely have to wait for a pup to become available, which means that far too many first-time buyers rush into their purchases and simply don’t do enough research in order to find out what they’re getting in to first.

If you are considering buying a French bulldog, make sure you take your time over your decision and learn everything you need to know to make an informed choice; starting with this article, which will get you going with some pointers to essential reading for prospective French bulldog buyers. Read on to learn more.

Why are French bulldogs so popular anyway?

If you’re thinking of buying a very popular dog breed it is a good idea to find out what makes it so popular, and the various traits that contribute to making it so desirable to buyers. This article will explain what makes French bulldogs popular, and how they came to be in such demand.

The basic facts you need to know about Frenchies before you buy

One of the main perils puppy buyers face when looking to research their breed of choice is not knowing what it is you don’t know! This article can help with that, y introducing you to ten important facts you need to know about French bulldogs, before you go ahead and buy one.

BOAS and French bulldogs

Do you know what BOAS or brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome is? If not, then you’re not ready to buy a French bulldog. This is a conformation-mediated cluster of respiratory disorders that can have a huge impact on an affected dog’s life, and that can be very expensive to manage and treat.

This article will tell you more about it and how to choose a puppy with lower chances of developing it.

The basics of Frenchie health and care

For a general outline of French bulldog health and what their care requirements are to keep them healthy and well, this article will get you started. Find out things like the most common French bulldog health conditions and how much exercise they need before, not after, your purchase!

Undesirable colours – and why they’re a problem

French bulldogs can only be registered with the Kennel Club in a small number of accepted colours, with other colours in the breed considered to be problematic and undesirable, in some cases potentially coming accompanied by health problems.

However, some unscrupulous puppy sellers claim the exact opposite; that these colours are special, rare, and in demand, and worth paying a lot more for. Get the truth about French bulldog undesirable colours here.

Keeping a Frenchie happy

All dog owners want to keep their dogs happy and fulfilled, but how this looks can be highly variable for different breeds. To learn what it takes to make a French bulldog happy and secure in their lives, read this article before you make your purchase.

Owning a Frenchie comes with its downsides

Like every dog breed, French bulldog ownership can have downsides as well as upsides. For a start, many buyers inadvertently buy a dog with complex, expensive health issues to contend with, and when it comes to training and management, an out of control Frenchie will be just as much of a problem as any other dog.

Find out the potential cons of French bulldog ownership here.

Feeding the right diet for a French bulldog

Just as is the case with exercise and general care, different breeds and types of dogs have different dietary requirements, and they need to be fed a healthy, complete diet and not human food or too many treats!

Get tips and advice on what to feed a French bulldog in this article.

Beware the hidden costs of French bulldog ownership

Most first-time puppy buyers greatly underestimate the cost of dog ownership and how quickly all of the little things can add up. The French bulldog is one breed in particular that can get very expensive very fast if your dog has health issues – so much so that the Royal Veterinary College have issued a warning to Frenchie buyers on this exact topic.

Health certifications for French bulldogs

Finally, there is a French bulldog health scheme that scores the conformation and health of dogs of the breed to promote responsible breeding and to help puppy buyers to understand breed health and pick healthy puppies.

Learn what it means if a French bulldog has bronze, silver or gold health certification here.



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