Peterbald kittens and cats for sale

3 Peterbald kittens and cats for sale

The Peterbald is a relatively new breed of small to medium sized cats, the first of its kind was bred in Russia in 1993. The breed can be referred to as Russian Sphynx, which can sometimes be a little confusing, as the Don Sphynx is also referred to as Russian Sphynx. Peterbalds are elegant, slender and graceful cats that have inherited many of their traits from their parents, namely the bald gene of the Don Sphynx and the grace of the Oriental Shorthair and Siamese. They are slender cats with beautiful almond-shaped eyes and large bat-like ears. The breed boasts a thin, whip-like tail and elegant oval paws, which means they can pick up and grip objects, including levered door knobs. Peterbalds look very similar Oriental Shorthairs but when they are born they can be bald, velour, flocked, brushed or straight haired, the breed having the hair loss gene. The cats that are born with hair, straight coated cats being the exception, can lose their hair as they age. Peterbalds come in a variety of colours as well as markings. Peterbalds can live 10 or more years if they are well cared for.

Read our Peterbald Buying Advice page for information on this cat breed.

Peterbald cats for sale in West Ewell, Epsom - Advert 1
2 weeks

Peterbald x Siamese

PeterbaldAge: 14 weeks4 male
Our gorgeous family pets Moisha (Peterbald chocolate spotted tabby)and Taba (Siamese)has had a litter of 4 adorable kittens. Light black/ Havana boys and tabby boys. The kittens are playful and frie
Oxana E.Epsom
Peterbald cats for sale in Danderhall, Dalkeith - Advert 2
2 weeks

6 TICA registered kittens

PeterbaldAge: 6 weeks2 male / 4 female
Hello lovely people, we have got 6 beautiful peterbald kittens- straight coat- looks exactly the same as siamese- of which 5 are available, one stay with me. Salsa 💗 Cha-cha (stay) 💗 Zumba 💗 Lamba
Peterbald cats for sale in Little Oakley, Corby - Advert 3
1 month

Beautiful peterbald kittens

PeterbaldAge: 11 weeks3 male / 3 female
Beautiful Peterbald kittens 3 girls and 3 boys kittens are very playful and cuddly ,eating dry and wet food,litter trained and used to all household noises. Kittens will be leaving with
Sandstorm UK
Sandstorm UK Corby


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