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Munchkin kittens for sale in Essex

5 Munchkin kittens for sale in Essex

Munchkins, also known as Sausage Cat, are very cute looking small to medium sized cats that have a lot of energy. They may have short legs, but these little cats are very quick when playing an interactive game with their owners. They are confident, outgoing cats that are comfortable in human company and love nothing more than being in a home environment. Therefore, the Munchkin is best suited for households where one person stays home when everyone else is out, so they always have company.

Read our Munchkin Buying Advice page for information on this cat breed.

Munchkin cats for sale in Central London - Advert 1
6 days

Silver-Shaded Scottish Fold Munchkin Kitten

MunchkinAge: 4 months1 male
- Super short legged Scottish Fold Munchkin - Very nicely folded ears - Mini-sized and will not grow much bigger when he becomes an adult - Great addition to any household Ball of fluff, a little shy
J A.
London(37.9 miles away)
Munchkin cats for sale in Limehouse, London - Advert 2
3 weeks

Munchkin and persian mixed

MunchkinAge: 1 year1 male
Munchkin and persian mixed also known as minuet. The cat is trained to use a litter box and is friendly with both other cats and humans. It loves human interaction and is very affectionate. However, i
ABU S.ID verified
London(34.7 miles away)
Munchkin cats for sale in Kenton, Harrow - Advert 3
3 weeks

Munchkin kittens (sold as pair)

MunchkinAge: 7 months
PLEASE READ ADVERT BEFORE MAKING CONTACT. These kittens will only be sold as a pair as they are inseparable. Stunning kitten, chinchilla shaded munchkin kittens. One is non-standard, other is stan
sara s.
Harrow(43.3 miles away)
Munchkin cats for sale in Manor House, London - Advert 4
1 month

Stunning Munchkins

MunchkinAge: 10 months1 male / 2 female
Standard Munchkin kittens Standard Munchkin Kittens: • Dark brown/black tabby female. • Curly white female, blue eyes. • Curly white male, yellow eyes. Younger kittens: • Colour pointed long hair
TALSHA J.ID verified
London(35.1 miles away)
Munchkin cats for sale in Deptford, London - Advert 5
2 months

Handsome Boy Cat 🥰

MunchkinAge: 11 months1 male
Here we have our beautiful cat up for sale.We had to make the tough choice of selling him as he is home alone majority of the time so does the not get the attention he requires! He is so playful and s
Taseen Z.
Taseen Z.ID verified
London(35.7 miles away)