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Savannah kittens for sale in Bedfordshire

12 Savannah kittens for sale in Bedfordshire

Savannah Cats, a crossbreed between domestic cats and the serval, are renowned for their vivid coat patterns and social personality. These felines sport coats in various hues, from silver and smoke to black and brown, often dotted with bold, dark spots that mirror their wild ancestors.This breed, divided into F1 to F5 generations, ranges in size, with F1 Savannahs being the largest. A distinctive trait of Savannahs is their tall, slender physique, giving them a wild, agile look while maintaining a pet-like demeanor. Famed for their intelligence and curiosity, Savannah cats are interactive pets, enjoying play and interaction .Savannah Cats are also known for their loyalty, often forming strong, affectionate bonds with their families. Delve deeper into vital information on our Savannah Cat Buying Advice page.

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Savannah cats for sale in Marleybone, London - Advert 1
2 hours

Tica Registered Top Quality Savannah Kittens

SavannahAge: 3 months3 male / 5 female
We are member of Savannah Cat Association and TICA registered. Dad of the kittens is Tica Regional Winner and Double Grand Champion!! 🐆🤩 Our kittens were born in my bedroom and they are part of
Kwazulu Savannahs
Kwazulu Savannahs
London(44.3 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in Belmesthorpe, Stamford - Advert 2
8 hours

Beautiful Savannah males

SavannahAge: 4 months4 male / 3 female
One remaining stunning boy from Winrosa Suki and Savannahglam Neo.Lovely brown coat with golden tones and prominent spots! Born 21st February and the last of 7 kittens. He is super confident and frien
Winrosa Bengals
Winrosa BengalsID verified
Stamford(37.6 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in March - Advert 3
21 hours

Beautiful F6 Savannah Kittens

SavannahAge: 11 weeks2 male / 3 female
Five beautiful, active, alert Savannah Kittens looking for new homes Kittens have been raised in a busy household with other dogs, cats and children They have been given the best start possible .
clareID verified
March(36.7 miles away)
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Savannah cats for sale in Coventry - Advert 1
1 week

My baby boy Riko

SavannahAge: 2 years1 male
this adorable, shy and lovable baby boy is in need of a new loving warm home, I am having to give him up because I am getting married and my Fiancé has cat allergies- I’ve put it off for as long as I
Julianna M.
Julianna M.
Coventry(48.3 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in Roehampton, London - Advert 2
1 week

Savannah f5 kittens

SavannahAge: 10 weeks2 male
2 lovely boys left ready for their new homes. I would love for them to go together if that can be possible ❤️ I will also do a deal 2 for £1000.
Kels G.
London(48.5 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in Colindale, London - Advert 3
2 weeks

F3 Savannah Boy & Girl

SavannahAge: 7 weeks1 male / 1 female
At London Savannahs I have a beautiful litter of 2 stunning F3 kittens who are now looking for loving home One of kind litter with short ears for savannah Price is set one each non refundable de
London Savannah’s
London Savannah’sID verified
Edgware(38.1 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in Binley, Coventry - Advert 4
2 weeks

F2 savannah

SavannahAge: 3 years1 female
Unfortunately due to a massive change in circumstances with a heavy heart I’m having to rehome my beautiful F2 orla 💔 She is one of a kind and one of the last of her lines which are very special. Or
Leeanda J.
Coventry(45.2 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in Doddington, March - Advert 5
3 weeks

Pretty F6 TICA Savannah Kitten

SavannahAge: 7 months1 female
Holly is a extremely affectionate brown spotted female Savannah kitten Heavily reduced now as we are all becoming extremely attached and she deserves her forever family!!! She has been raised in a
clareID verified
March(33.2 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in Moreton Morrell, Warwick - Advert 6
3 weeks

Savannah male

SavannahAge: 2 years1 male
Unfortunately we have simba our f6 Savannah up for sale due to him not getting on with my other cats. His vaccination is only for an indoor cat so if you would like him to roam he would need full set
The petting zooID verified
Warwick(46 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in Westley, Bury St. Edmunds - Advert 7
1 month

Pedigree Tica F3 savannah kitten

SavannahAge: 14 weeks2 female
REDLY TO GO TO NEW HOME : Khaleesi my f2 and dad f6 both TICA reg 100 %Pure pedigree . Have had 2 PURE PEDIGREE lovely F3 girl kitten, one Golden girl she is as beautiful with her lots of lovely spot
TINA L.ID verified
Bury Saint Edmunds(48.7 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in Westley, Bury St. Edmunds - Advert 8
1 month

4 pure Pedigree savannah kittens

SavannahAge: 6 weeks2 male / 2 female
100% PUER PEDIGREE 4 gorgeous f6 kitten lost of spots and lovely colours. Lune @ orion have made together . Tica registration 2 silver and 2 brown . 6 weeks old . so very intelligent breed can pla
TINA L.ID verified
Bury Saint Edmunds(48.7 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in Colindale, London - Advert 9
1 month

2 lovely F4 Savannah kittens

SavannahAge: 3 months2 female
-ready to collect -£999 each -ideally homed together Introducing a dynamic duo like no other: two F4 Savannah boys from the urban jungle of London! 🐾🐾 These city slickers are seeking their foreve
ARORA A.ID verified
London(38.7 miles away)