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York Chocolate kittens for sale in Basingstoke

We found 0 York Chocolate kittens for sale in Basingstoke.

The York Chocolate Cat, often called 'York Choc', is a distinctly American breed, celebrated for its luxurious, silky chocolate or lilac-colored coat. With its striking amber, green, or golden eyes, its beauty is unequivocal.York Chocs are generally medium to large in size with a solid, muscular physique. Distinguished by their semi-long hair and bushy tails, these felines are known for their prowess as agile climbers and jumpers. However, their most admired trait is their affectionate and sociable nature.Notoriously intelligent and easy to train, these cats are ideal companions for any type of household. They are nurturing by nature and get along well with children and even other pets. The York Chocolate's trustworthy demeanor and desire to please make them popular cats worldwide.

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