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American Bulldog puppies for sale in Somerset

5 American Bulldog puppies for sale in Somerset

The American Bulldog, sometimes referred to as the Southern White, is a breed prized for its stalwart loyalty and boundless energy. Tracing roots back to Old English Bulldogs, this breed boasts a muscular, robust frame and a distinctive, expressive face. Coats vary from white, brown, brindle, or combinations thereof. Their short, smooth fur is easy to maintain but does not offer much weather resistance. American Bulldogs are known for their fearless, protective character. Despite their boldness, they often shower their families with affection and are visibly attuned to their owners' moods. This breed comes in two types: the Classic and Standard. Both share the breed’s characteristic strength and courage, differing primarily in build and athleticism. American Bulldogs need regular physical and mental stimulation to keep their temperament balanced.

Read our American Bulldog Buying Advice page for information on this dog breed.

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American Bulldog dogs for sale in Bedminster Down, Bristol - Advert 1
22 hours

Bullador puppy’s for sale

American BulldogAge: 5 weeks5 male / 1 female
I Have 6 bullador puppy’s for sale, they are all black, 5 boys, 1 girl ,mother is an American bulldog, dad is a Labrador, can provide a photo if needed, they will come with collar, blanket, and food,
Chad A.
Chad A.
Bristol(28.5 miles away)
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American Bulldog dogs for sale in Newton Abbot - Advert 1
4 days

American bulldog puppies not XL

American BulldogAge: 13 weeks6 male / 2 female
Here we have a litter of 13 American bulldog puppies 4 girls and 9 boys All healthy puppies We have left 2 boys £600 £100 deposit to secure your pup Can be seen with mum Ready now New photos
COURTNIE J.ID verified
Newton Abbot(46.2 miles away)
American Bulldog dogs for sale in Burnham-on-Sea - Advert 2
2 weeks

Pocket bully

American BulldogAge: 2 years1 male
This is Hugo. He is 2 years old. He is a lovely boy very well trained, completely toilet trained. We rescued Hugo from a home where we feel he wasn’t well looked after. We also feel like Hugo would be
Jordan T.
Jordan T.
Burnham-on-Sea(12.4 miles away)
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2 weeks

Bulldog cross mastiff

American BulldogAge: 11 weeks1 male / 4 female
All ready for there new lovely families All toilet trained to go outside 10 weeks old 4 girls [£500] 1 bog [£500]
Richard T.
Torquay(47.6 miles away)
American Bulldog dogs for sale in Leckwith, Cardiff - Advert 4
3 weeks

White American bulldog

American BulldogAge: 11 months1 male
The dogs name is rony and we are looking for a good family need him gone as soon as possible he is FREE but want 200 for all the vaccination I have done for the dog NOT XL Bully so dont worry i have h
MONIKA B.ID verified
Cardiff(31 miles away)