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Cockalier puppies for sale in Exeter

We found 0 Cockalier puppies for sale in Exeter.

The Cockalier, an enchanting blend of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Cocker Spaniel, is recognized for its affectionate nature, adaptability, and captivating appearance. With a size that typically hovers between small to medium, the Cockalier is a versatile companion, equally suited for apartment living or spacious homes. Their coat, often silky and moderately long, showcases an array of colors, from golden and chestnut to tricolor patterns, reflecting their dual heritage. Merging the Cavalier's gentle and loving temperament with the Cocker Spaniel's spirited and playful disposition, the Cockalier emerges as a well-balanced, sociable pet. They are particularly fond of human interaction and are known to bond closely with families, including children and other pets. To keep their zest for life intact, they benefit from consistent exercise and engaging activities.

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