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Savannah kittens for sale in London

9 Savannah kittens for sale in London

Savannah Cats, a crossbreed between domestic cats and the serval, are renowned for their vivid coat patterns and social personality. These felines sport coats in various hues, from silver and smoke to black and brown, often dotted with bold, dark spots that mirror their wild ancestors.This breed, divided into F1 to F5 generations, ranges in size, with F1 Savannahs being the largest. A distinctive trait of Savannahs is their tall, slender physique, giving them a wild, agile look while maintaining a pet-like demeanor. Famed for their intelligence and curiosity, Savannah cats are interactive pets, enjoying play and interaction .Savannah Cats are also known for their loyalty, often forming strong, affectionate bonds with their families. Delve deeper into vital information on our Savannah Cat Buying Advice page.

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Savannah cats for sale in Marleybone, London - Advert 1
12 hours

Tica Registered Top Quality Savannah Kittens

SavannahAge: 4 months3 male / 5 female
We are member of Savannah Cat Association and TICA registered. Dad of the kittens is Tica Regional Winner and Double Grand Champion!! 🐆🤩 Our kittens were born in my bedroom and they are part of
Kwazulu Savannahs
Kwazulu Savannahs
London(2.2 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in Woodside Estate, Dunstable - Advert 2
13 hours

Super Rare Jungle Cubs

SavannahAge: 5 weeks3 male / 2 female
UPDATE: ONE MALE RESERVED: ONE FEMALE RESERVED We have a stunning litter of spotted hybrid Jungle Cubs. This was a carefully planned breeding to produce beautifully spotted cubs with wildcat attri
Luton(31.9 miles away)
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Savannah cats for sale in Chawton, Alton - Advert 1
1 week

Gorgeous F3 Savannah Kitten

SavannahAge: 10 weeks1 female
Our Beautiful Amare Moet of Dottysavannahs & Quadruple grand champion Loli of Nefer Sahb welcomed a beautiful little girl Mulan in May. Mulan has a beautiful golden base coat with jet black spottin
Dottysavannahs TICA Registered Cattery
Dottysavannahs TICA Registered CatteryID verified
Alton(44.7 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in Colindale, London - Advert 2
2 weeks

F3 Savannah Boy & Girl

SavannahAge: 11 weeks1 male / 1 female
At London Savannahs I have a beautiful litter of 2 stunning F3 kittens who are now looking for loving home One of kind litter with short ears for savannah Price is set one each and I have now redu
London Savannah’s
London Savannah’sID verified
Edgware(9 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in Stratford, London - Advert 3
2 weeks

Half savannah half bengal

SavannahAge: 12 weeks1 male / 2 female
The kittens mother is a pure bengal and the dad is a pure savannah cat The kittens are amazing with young kids they are litter trained and not fussy with food they are cuddly and very playful they lo
Miya B.
Miya B.
London(6.3 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in Aldersbrook, London - Advert 4
3 weeks

Savannah s7 mix with domestic cat

SavannahAge: 9 weeks1 male / 3 female
Update *** Only 2 black and white kitten left . One boy and one girl . £100 my Savannah s7 had kittens 7 weeks ago with a domestic cat . She got out before we could breed her with another Savannah.
becks n.
London(8.5 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in Roehampton, London - Advert 5
1 month

Savannah f5 kittens

SavannahAge: 14 weeks2 male
2 lovely boys left ready for their new homes. I would love for them to go together if that can be possible ❤️ I will also do a deal 2 for £1000.
Kels G.
London(6.3 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in Lenham, Maidstone - Advert 6
1 month

Savannah x bengal

SavannahAge: 11 months1 male
With a heavy heart we are having to give up our in door beautiful cat Trigger due to being such a busy house hold we can not longer be at home as much to keep him company and we think he now starting
Josh W.
Maidstone(40.2 miles away)
Savannah cats for sale in Maresfield, Uckfield - Advert 7
1 month

Savannah/maincoon 9 month old kitten

SavannahAge: 11 months1 male
9 month old male savannah/ maincoon kitten White with ice blue eyes very beautiful cat he is unnutered he is flea and wormed , he isnt micro chipped yet but can have this done before he goes ( this h
Uckfield(36 miles away)