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Braque D’Auvergne puppies for sale in Exeter

We found 0 Braque D’Auvergne puppies for sale in Exeter.

Braque D'Auvergne, also known as Auvergne Pointers, showcase a distinguished muscular build, reflecting their lineage as versatile hunting dogs. Born in France's mountainous Auvergne region, these dogs possess a distinct black and white, short, dense coat mirroring their weather-resistant nature. Auvergne Pointers stand out for their keen intelligence, obedient demeanor, and remarkable stamina complementing their athleticism. Known for their affectionate, calm manner, they fit well into households with children and other pets. This breed requires consistent exercise to maintain an optimal mental and physical state and thrives with engaging interaction, making them ideal for active owners. Size variations are minimal; adult males and females generally stand between 53-63cm at the shoulder. 

Read our Braque d Auvergne Buying Advice page for information on this dog breed.

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