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Saarloos Wolfdog puppies for sale in Derby

We found 0 Saarloos Wolfdog puppies for sale in Derby.

The Saarloos Wolfdog, also known as Dutch Wolfdog, Saarloos Wolfhond, as its name suggests, has a very wolf-like appearance. They were first bred in the 1930s by crossing a German Shepherd Dog with a European Wolf with the aim of breeding a dog that was more natural in its behaviour. Although not as popular in the UK, they have a large following in other parts of the world thanks to their wolf-like appearance and friendly, loyal and sociable nature. The Saarloos Wolfdog is not recognised as a breed by the Kennel Club (January 2018), but many local breed clubs have been formed with the goal of continuing to produce healthy, well-bred puppies.

Read our Saarloos Wolfdog Buying Advice page for information on this dog breed.

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