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Norwegian Buhund puppies for sale

We found 0 Norwegian Buhund puppies for sale.

The Norwegian Buhund, also known as the Norsk Buhund or Norwegian Sheepdog, is a historic Nordic breed primarily bred for herding and guarding livestock. They sport a sleek, dense coat available in two primary shades: black and the varied tones of wheaten, ranging from pale cream to rich orange. Compact yet sturdy, there are slight size variations between male and female Buhunds. Brimming with energy, they're versatile, easily fitting into roles like obedience training, tracking, herding, and even assistance tasks. Their intellect is paired with a joyful and loving nature. While they gel well with kids and other animals, their dynamic spirit requires regular exercise and intellectual challenges. For those considering a Buhund, it's essential to acquaint oneself with their lively temperament, grooming essentials, and activity needs.

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